The WEconomy index is a self-audit tool developed for organizations by Prof. Dr. Jan Jonker, Dr. Roel Schouteten and an enthusiastic group of junior researchers, all from the Nijmegen School of Management (or Radboud University). The WEconomy index has been initiated in 2012 and has been continuously revised and updated based on the latest academic insights. The aim of the index is to help organizations gain insight in their performance on seven trends. The trends flow from academic material that has not been applied in business before and thus offers new insights for organizations. It aims to trigger organizations to be self critical, set targets for future (strategic) development and help them identify opportunities for working towards a more sustainable way of manufacturing and organizing. This year, 2015, is the first time organizations will have the opportunity to experience the index. Next to the aforementioned goals, the index provides your organization with industry benchmarks and recommendations for future improvement.

Benefits of the WEconomy Index for your organization:

  1. Your company will gain insight in what its current position in the new economic movement is
  2. You will get an indicator score of how well you are doing in several economic areas
  3. The index gives risk identification
  4. The index provides you with industry benchmarks
  5. The index can increase internal communication about this topic in your company

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